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School Business Manager- Chair of Governors Debi Walker

Millwood Primary Special School, Bury

Parental feedback

Below are some of the comments and feedback that we have received from parents and carers over the last two years. If you would like to offer your feedback please either put a note in your child's homeschool diary or email

We love millwood as a family and can always rely on them with anything we need. We have full confidence in the staff they are brilliant-

Keep up the great work. I have nothing but praise for the staff involved in looking after R. The communication is warm and friendly, nothing is too much hassle. The staff all appear to actually enjoy talking about the children and the time they spend with them

We are so pleased with Alexander’s progress & as we say at each review, just so pleased that he is here at Millwood. We couldn’t ask for a better setting for him and are so grateful to all of the staff & members of the SLT for all that they do.

I am feeling so emotional that I don't know how to write what I am feeling apart from this, people like you lovelies make this world a better place! Thank you so much for your huge presence and contribution in our special kids life! I am indebted for life!

Good Morning,

Well what can I say to the best team in the world? How will thank you ever be enough?

You have given my little boy an absolutely fabulous year, full of fun, learning and development-he is like a different little boy and you have absolutely helped him to bloom.

For me, my priorities for my A are; safety, happiness and contentment- everything else is a bonus. Well, he has experienced so much more than I ever could have ever hoped- and I thank each and every one of you.

Hayley, thank you for giving me the tools I need to communicate with him, the pictures work so well and we will use them daily/ hourly.

Anyway- I hope you have a fabulous, relaxing summer holidays- lots of sun! Recharge your batteries ready for the lucky kids who need your help next year!

If I could pick a team to support my A forever- I would absolutely choose you four!

Staff are fantastic and loving to all the children