Governor Debi Walker

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Why did I decide to become a governor at here at Millwood ?......

As a parent of a child within Millwood School I have a vested interest. I am passionate about both of my children reaching their full potential and being able to bring my experiences and expectations to the table of the governing body is really important to me I like to question and raise expectations.

What being a governor at Millwood means to me ….

There are very exciting times ahead with us having a new school, and again if I can help shape or influence any decisions being made and support the ethos of the school then this is why I am here.

 What experience and qualities I bring to the role……

I served as a Chair of Governors of another school in Bury for several years. The knowledge and experience I gained stands me in good stead to be part of the governing body here at Millwood.

I feel I am quite an organised person who motivates other people. Within my various workroles, as a Director at Bury Parents Forum and a Staff Nurse of 22 years, I feel I am well placed to understand how to work as a team and how each team member contributes and has gifts and skills they each bring to the table. I can also see the ‘bigger picture’ and each governors ‘vested’ interest and not just ‘mine’ as a parent.

I hope you find our ‘new’ governor section interesting…..